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Before you say “I Do”

My bookshelf is loaded with them: Save your marriage Rekindle the Romance Couples on the Fault Line Couples Guide to Communication Relationship Rescue Couple’s Survival Workbook Too Good to Leave, too bad to Stay Books, books and more books… all about trying to save your marriage. With nearly 50% of all marriages ending in divorce […]

Was this past school year too hard?

WAS THIS PAST SCHOOL YEAR TOO HARD… or just a plain ol’ DISASTER for your child? Some reasons it could have been,and considerations to make over the summer. By: Brandi Carey, MFT Intern#71187 Peer Conflict, Bullying, and Lacking Self-Confidence While most schools have a zero tolerance bullying policy, I know that some kids still feel […]

Delighting In Your Child – Part 3 – Being Emotionally Available

Being emotionally available to our children is necessary, just being physically present is not enough and even very young children will spot the difference, as adults do. For example, imagine how different it feels to talk to your partner who is really ‘with’ you compared with when they are listening – while watching TV! As […]

Women and Depression – Part 2 – Traversing the Dark Pit

In Part 1, we explored what depression means and what to do if you are suffering from it. Let’s take a look at how it affects others and what you can do if you have a loved one going through depression. Mike Wallace of 60 Minutes said this of going through depression. “There is no […]

Women and Depression – Part 1 – Tell Me How You Really Feel

We women love to gab! We talk about just about everything from a-z. We talk about our clothes, our homes, we swap favorite recipes, we catch up on favorite TV shows. We talk about other women, and what they are wearing, or how they are raising their children. We talk about how frustrating our husbands […]

Delighting In Your Child – Part 2 – With Life Words

Delighting in our children begins as we learn to delight in their unique BENT. Let’s face it, some kids are harder to connect with than others. Some kids challenge us as parents to learn how to delight and encourage their unique bent. Every child is precious, but even good parents can become discouraged by frustrating […]

Delighting In Your Child – Part 1 – A Look at Attachment

The concept of “attachment” has found its way into much writing and talking about parenting, but what does it mean, and more importantly, how can parents help their child to develop a secure attachment? Attachment is the lasting emotional bond that a child forms with a specific person that provides safety, comfort, soothing, and pleasure. […]